Yunjie Gao



Love is difficult to measure and materialize, but pet sometimes needs words to express it. And the cuteness of children is that they are not stingy in expressing love. When people tell each other “I love you”, the teller and the listener are happy and satisfied. But passion has no specific definition and no fixed words to express it. I want to show this unspeakable love to children through painting so that children can experience and observe the power of love! I will make the paintings in picture books full of childishness, beauty and warmth. I interviewed different people, collected various stories, and added my artistic understanding to create six other short stories about love. There are family stories about feeling the warmth of family members in long-term domestic violence, and there is long-term flowing water. There are love stories about how the years are quiet and growing old, love stories about separation and reunion. These same-sex love stories break through secular concepts, friendship stories about sharing weal and woe, and family stories about protecting family members. The combination of these stories is the world, with the ups and downs of life. This project also breaks through my traditional and skilled painting methods and designs the stories unconstrained, imaginative and creative. Every level has people’s imagination. The feeling of reunion. It is also a work created by me breaking through my ability.

Yunjie Gao | Illustration
A feature cartoon (Stand for love)
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