Yuting Zhuang

Graphic Design


Email : [email protected]

Instagram : yuting_designs

“Metaverse” and “Virtual” have become key words in recent years. People are now paying more attention to virtual things than to the organic world, so I have a question: Does technology bring human and nature closer or further away?

“Cyber Garden” is an experimental project I did to answer this question. Plants are symbols of nature, they have been evolving according to the environment from ancient times to the present, then I’m wondering if organic plants can also evolve into virtual plants in the world where the digital future is the trend.

I used chatpgt and midjourney as visual guide tools to help me create virtual plants in blender. Virtual plants using materials and shapes that are impossible in the physical realm.

Yuting Zhuang | Graphic Design 1
The front view of Cyber Garden
Yuting Zhuang | Graphic Design
Cyber Garden poster
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