Yuxuan Lu

BA (Hons) Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 1)


Valencia has a strong cultural and artistic atmosphere which attracts the local residents and tourists. There are some public buildings surround the site which relate to culture and art of Valencia, but there is a lack of art elements within the site. In this case, I want to design a community art hob within the site to become the center of the tour route and connects all the other art buildings, which includes the function of community, art culture and performance. Community aspect are mainly focus on local people, provide a public space for them to interact with each other and have public activity. Art culture aspect face to all the tourist and local people, in order to spread the art culture of Valencia by exhibit the art works and traditional festival to all the people. Performance all showed by the Valencian actor, to display the traditional culture of Valencia.

Yuxuan Lu | Architecture
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