Yuyuan Zou

MA Fashion Design


E-mail : [email protected]

Official website : https://448876348.wixsite.com/looking-for

Instagram : zouyuyuan9

LOOKING FOR is a sustainable womenswear independent designer brand founded in 2024. The latest season of costumes is the Missing Soul, which is inspired by Plato’s famous treatise The Symposium. Humans are hermaphrodite, one and the same, and we’re all searching for lost souls. The brand focuses on minimalism and young people looking for a soul mate. People are born to be romantic, we spend our whole lives looking for it, and when people wear the clothes they’ve been looking for, they feel more confident about finding their match.

Yuyuan Zou | Fashion 4
Missing soul
Yuyuan Zou | Fashion 5
Missing soul 1
Yuyuan Zou | Fashion 3
Missing soul 2
Yuyuan Zou | Fashion 2
Missing soul 3
Yuyuan Zou | Fashion 1
Missing soul 4
Yuyuan Zou | Fashion
Missing soul 5
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