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This collection is called “Violent Catharsis”. The name was the first thing I knew about this project. It was born from a conversation with a friend, in which we were reflecting on life experiences. I have had difficulties expressing who I am, and in the process become fragmented. What I recognised was that in breaking I was able to reveal my true self. Life became so emotionally violent that it broke me open, and what came out was the most beautiful, honest expression I have known so far.

From this reflection, I began to wonder what this could look like. I knew it had to be bold, angry and beautiful, but I wanted to go further with this. I took to the mannequin and “violently” manipulated contemporary classics such as a t-shirt and a hoodie. This meant ripping and stretching the garments. Alongside this, I wanted to bring a personal element in by incorporating Pakistani fabrics, designs and silhouettes. I took time to manipulate and restrict the fabrics and garments. I wanted to explore physical tension and large shapes. I wanted the act of creating the stand work to mimic the real feelings I have. Bringing two very impactful styles in my life together felt suitable for this as well as new. I was able to create 113 looks from this work which I whittled down to my final eight looks.

The result is what I believe to be the closest I have been to striking the balance between abstract and familiar. While there are elements that most will recognise, such as a sweatshirt or denim, it has been reconstructed and adapted to create new shapes, strange tension and impactful restriction. The overall silhouettes are grotesque whilst paying homage to both the contemporary classic design and the Pakistani design sensibilities I grew up with. I hope that people will look at the collection and feel something stirring inside, or in the least, an intrigue to know more and push their own boundaries with how they express themselves.

Zeshaan Iqbal | Fashion 6
Zeshaan Iqbal | Fashion 5
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Zeshaan Iqbal | Fashion 4
Look 1
Zeshaan Iqbal | Fashion 3
Look 2
Zeshaan Iqbal | Fashion 2
Look 3
Zeshaan Iqbal | Fashion 1
Look 4
Zeshaan Iqbal | Fashion
Look 1 and 2
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