Our MA Filmmaking course supports students to work collaboratively on a slate of short films and engage in specialist activities that prepare them for careers as highly-skilled independent filmmakers.

Students have explored current theoretical approaches, engaged in critical debate and worked on a number of their own practical projects.

Their final projects – showcased here – represent the entire filmmaking process, from concept and storyboarding to post-production.

Anup Pohekar | Film & TV

Anup Pohekar

MA Filmmaking

Arcino Stanley | Film & TV

Arcino Stanley

MA Filmmaking

Fan Xia | Film & TV

Fan Xia

MA Filmmaking

Hui Jin | Film & TV

Hui Jin

MA Filmmaking

Li Li | Film & TV

Li Li

MA Filmmaking

Victoria Simmonds | Film & TV

Victoria Simmonds

MA Filmmaking

Wei Liu | Film & TV

Wei Liu

MA Filmmaking

Yanwen Chen | Film & TV

Yanwen Chen

MA Filmmaking