On our Fine Art course at UCA Canterbury, we aim to support students to become the best artists they can be.

Students are encouraged to push their boundaries, inspiring their curiosity to experiment with a range of traditional and contemporary materials to help them realise their ideas. We provide an opportunity to learn skills that are useful for them to develop their own practice.  Many students come in with a particular skillset and style, and leave with a totally new perspective on fine art.

Programme Director Mavernie Cunningham said: “Being part of the Fine Art team, seeing students grow and develop, remains one of the most rewarding experiences.  The confidence to challenge one’s own ideas in order to develop can be a huge leap of faith. With our model of dedicated studio spaces, a professional teaching base, range of tutorial opportunities, technical expertise and a wide range of resources, students are given the time to develop their confidence and skills. The work that is on display here represents the new perspectives they have gained.”

Follow this link to view UCA Canterbury’s BA Fine Art Degree Show catalogue.

Admire Ncube | Fine Art 5

Admire Ncube

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Canterbury

Aikaterini Kanakaki | Fine Art 4

Aikaterini Kanakaki

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Canterbury

Alfie Verrill | Fine Art

Alfie Verrill

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Canterbury

Alisha Lampard | Fine Art

Alisha Lampard

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Canterbury

Amy Saunders | Fine Art

Amy Saunders

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Canterbury

Anna Hamilton | Fine Art 5

Anna Hamilton

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Canterbury

Ayesha Aleem | Fine Art

Ayesha Aleem

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Canterbury

Ayomide Racheal Ayodele | Fine Art 1

Ayomide Racheal Ayodele

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Canterbury

Bie Wright | Fine Art

Bie Wright

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Canterbury

Brian Crone | Fine Art

Brian Crone

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Canterbury

Brittany Gilbert | Fine Art 5

Brittany Gilbert

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Canterbury

Chantelle Rogers | Fine Art 5

Chantelle Rogers

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Canterbury