Our Photography course at UCA Rochester fosters an ethos of creativity and experimentation, and students have been encouraged to explore a number of different genres and approaches in order to forge different careers within the industry.

They’ve learned a range of techniques and concepts across analogue and digital platforms, and develop extensive skills in both still and moving images.

This year’s graduates have produced final projects that comprise a significant body of work drawing on everything they’ve learned, and pushing the boundaries in terms of concept and execution.

This year we’ve seen students using Photography to investigate a range of subjects including community, gender, memory, family, archive and identity. The start of the year saw students responding professionally to external clients in the ‘Exposure’ unit. This fast-paced unit has created some of the strongest work we have seen, and several students went on to exhibit the work they created.

In their ‘Major Project’ students have produced some incredible images before the global pandemic forced us to change how we work. Since then, we are proud to say that our students have continued to be incredibly creative, despite the restrictions. Their ability to adapt under an unprecedented situation, stay positive and upbeat will make them invaluable in the industry into which they move.

Matthew Andrew, Programme Director

Aleshea Simmons-Longman | Photography 4

Aleshea Simmons-Longman

BA (Hons) Photography - Rochester

Caitlin Smith | Photography 3

Caitlin Smith

BA (Hons) Photography - Rochester

Charlie Manuell | Photography 4

Charlie Manuell

BA (Hons) Photography - Rochester

Chiara Barnett | Photography 5

Chiara Barnett

BA (Hons) Photography - Rochester

Christian Pantleon | Photography 5

Christian Pantleon

BA (Hons) Photography - Rochester

Gabriella Westerlund | Photography 5

Gabriella Westerlund

BA (Hons) Photography - Rochester

Jessni Teeluck | Photography 4

Jessni Teeluck

BA (Hons) Photography - Rochester

Kira Haines | Photography 3

Kira Haines

BA (Hons) Photography - Rochester

Natalie Wyborn | Photography 5

Natalie Wyborn

BA (Hons) Photography - Rochester

Penny Hartley | Photography 5

Penny Hartley

BA (Hons) Photography - Rochester

Riley-Love Hibbert | Photography 5

Riley-Love Hibbert

BA (Hons) Photography - Rochester

Sian Burrows | Photography 5

Sian Burrows

BA (Hons) Photography - Rochester