Our MA Photography course encourages students to produce complex and extended photographic projects and engage with experimental and speculative approaches to making.

This year’s graduates have used analogue and digital techniques to take risks, explore different styles and contexts, and engage in diverse critical approaches.

Their final projects take many forms – from exhibitions to book dummies, websites, performances and dynamic time-based work – all of which you can see here.

dan he | Photography 6

Dan He

MA Photography

Holly Lansdell | Photography 3

Holly Lansdell

MA Photography

Jiannan Chi | Photography 4

Jiannan Chi

MA Photography

shaohui yan | Photography 5

shaohui yan

MA Photography

Steven Munday | Photography 5

Steven Munday

MA Photography

Vaidehi Gupta | Photography 2

Vaidehi Gupta

MA Photography

YU JIE LU | Photography 5

Yu Jie Lu

MA Photography

yuxing jiang | Photography

Yuxing Jiang

MA Photography

Ziyuan Yang | Photography 6

Ziyuan Yang

MA Photography