Making the most of your show

Hello, and congratulations on completing your degree at UCA! 

First things first, we want you to know we’re blown away by your work. It’s clear your work comes straight from the heart, bringing a big dose of humanity and a sprinkle of joy too. 

We couldn’t be prouder, and our aim for your online and on-campus graduate shows is to celebrate your incredible achievements and to help you kickstart your creative future by getting your work noticed and widening your professional network. 

Below you’ll find everything you need to make the most of your showcase, and tips on getting your work noticed by brands and industry connections. 

Essential links and tags 

Hashtag: #UCAGradShow
UCA Instagram: @unicreativearts
UCA LinkedIn: University for the Creative Arts
UCA Twitter: @unicreativearts
UCA Facebook: University for the Creative Arts – UCA Grad show link: 

10 tips to get your work noticed: 

1. Invite people to see your show 
Reach out to people in your network and invite them to campus to see your work on display. Perhaps you could offer them a tour or make a short video or take some photos of your work and share these with them. As well as inviting established contacts, consider other contacts that you’d like to develop. 

2. Pick the right channels.
Some platforms are just better for getting creative work noticed, and that should influence where you choose to talk about yours. For most people, Instagram will be the big one, but don’t forget LinkedIn too. 

3. Link to your gradshow profile.
Put the link to your online profile in your social media bios and profiles. You can even link to it on your professional website, if you have one. 

4. Create a launch post.
Create a post or (better still) make a video, introducing yourself and your work and linking to your profile. If you need inspiration for what to say or write, try answering these questions:

• What inspired you to create your work? 

• What did you create (don’t forget to feature your work!)? 

• How did you do it? 

• What do you hope to do next – either with your work or in your career? 

5. Tag UCA.
If you tag us, we can see your posts and support them. You’ll find the handles, hashtags and links you need in the list above. 

6. Research relevant hashtags.
Look for the best hashtags to include before you write social media posts. As well as the #UCAGradShow hashtag, look for the ones being used in your industry and include those that fit best. If your work was inspired by or created for/with a brand or industry contact, or if you mention one in your post, tag them too. And think about including any other influencers or industry bodies interested in promoting new talent in your field – like RIBA for Architecture, The Rookies for Gaming, or the Graduate Fashion Foundation for Fashion. 

7. Keep posting.
Post your work one piece at a time. The shows will run from 7 June to 7 July, so aim to share a different post 2 or 3 times a week during that time, linking back to your profile each time and talking about different aspects of the work. 

8. Start conversations.
Check the #UCAGradShow hashtag, and even grad shows from other unis, so you can comment on or reshare great work that others are sharing. And, if someone compliments you on your work on social media, make sure you reply, especially if they’re someone you want to work with in future. Provide links where they can see more of what you do. If they also have a creative portfolio, ask to see it. The more support you give, the more you’ll get in return. 

9. Recruit friends and family.
Pass the link to your profile and information on your show on to your contacts and ask them to share it far and wide. If any of them have work they’d like to share, offer to do the same for them in return. 

10. Tell us about your successes.
If you find your work being recognised in award nominations, featured in the press, or are offered work or commissions off the back of someone seeing your final projects, please email [email protected] and let us know. We love hearing about your achievements, and we want to shout about them on our feeds too.

When will your work go live?

All Postgraduate student work will be going live online on 26th August 2022.