Abigail Jordan

BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Canterbury


Instagram - abi_graphics19

personal email - [email protected]

I typically take a more illustrative approach to my practice. Most of my inspiration comes from animals, nature and the environment, which are all things I am passionate about.

The work displayed here is from two different projects, one being my portfolio 2 “Aliens on earth” exhibition and the other is my FMP where I created a book titled “Enthralling ecosystems and the animals that live there.” This book was meant to be a guide to different environments and the species that live there, like the animal guides and encyclopaedias we would have as children.

My exhibition project was to explore the folklore and visual history around cephalopods, how they have inspired sci fi, and what it is about them that has lead some people to call them “Aliens on Earth.”

Abigail Jordan | Graphic Design 4
Abigail Jordan | Graphic Design 9
Aliens on Earth Exhibition poster
Abigail Jordan | Graphic Design 8
Enthralling Ecosystems cover
Abigail Jordan | Graphic Design 7
Cassowary painting
Abigail Jordan | Graphic Design 6
Aliens on Earth billboard mockup
Abigail Jordan | Graphic Design 5
Enthralling ecosystems - Great barrier reef pages
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