Adrien Colyer-Alcock

BA (Hons) Illustration & Animation - Canterbury


Email: [email protected]

Twitter: GachaPy0n

Instagram: GachaPy0n



For my graduate project, I created Beat Breakers: A concept for a music-themed fighting game, set in a world where music is manifested into physical energy for battle. I wanted to create something that truly represented my work and how I like to create: Colourful, fun and detailed.

For the animations, I utilised the puppeteering and rigging software Live2d: Cubism. The software allows me to create simple, but smooth rigged animation, as well as create motion-capture rigs capable of being used by others.

I also accompanied these animations with poster prints of the 3 characters, all in a pose where they are ready to fight. Melody, the protagonist, is confident in her abilities, and does not fight recklessly. Her readiness to fight is portrayed through her confident, but elegant pose. Meanwhile, Tenshi stands gracefully. We focus on the energy he is creating, his soft expression making it seem like this is effortless to him. 

My objective for this project was simple, I believe that there doesn’t have to be a grand meaning or deeper story behind work. I wanted to create an idea built from my own passions and ideas, focusing on the fighting game community – a space that is very close-knit and known for it’s passion for new & interesting ideas.

Adrien Colyer-Alcock | Illustration 5
Beat Breakers - Logo and Showcase
Adrien Colyer-Alcock | Illustration 6
Beat Breakers
Adrien Colyer-Alcock | Illustration 4
K.AI Poster
Adrien Colyer-Alcock | Illustration 3
Beat Breakers Game Poster
Adrien Colyer-Alcock | Illustration 2
Melody Poster
Adrien Colyer-Alcock | Illustration 1
Tenshi Poster
Adrien Colyer-Alcock | Illustration
Character spot Illustrations
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