Anastasia Chuveleva

BA (Hons) Illustration - Farnham


Hello! My name is Anastasia, and I create illustrations that are closely related to people and their environment. Therefore, human figures often become the main subjects of my illustrations.

For my graduation project, I also chose the topic of friendship between people. I had many friends when I was younger and easily made new acquaintances. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that making friends has become more complex. With this project, I was interested in studying the role of friendship in modern life and its importance.

While studying this subject, I turned to various lectures and articles and also organized my survey. My research directly influenced my project and outcome. Based on my research, friendship plays a significant role in people’s lives and having a friend often positively affects our well-being. Simple conversation is the best way to make new friends or maintain a friendship. So, I decided to create a game for friends that can help the player  join a new group, avoid awkward silence, and get to know and discover new sides of their friends.

The outcome includes 52 cards divided into four categories and one main card to start the game. Each category of cards has its own illustration with an inscription on the front side that represents the category, and each category has its own colour of cards. On the reverse side are questions or actions. A booklet with the rules of the game and descriptions of the cards in the form of a concertina book. A box on which the game’s name is presented, and on the back there is a description of what the game entails.

Anastasia Chuveleva | Illustration 3
Anastasia Chuveleva | Illustration 2
cards design
Anastasia Chuveleva | Illustration 1
cards design
Anastasia Chuveleva | Illustration
rules and box design
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