Andra Neamtu

BA (Hons) Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 1)


email: [email protected]

instagram: architecture_andra

In an era characterized by rapid change, preserving the essence of a place becomes increasingly challenging. Milan’s rich history risks fading into obscurity amidst the towering facades of modern architecture. Furthermore, the relentless pace of construction often sacrifices environmental mindfulness, with unsustainable materials like concrete dominating the landscape. This project seeks to safeguard Milan’s cultural heritage through the art of sculpture, simultaneously imparting the craft of stonemasonry to cultivate a deeper appreciation for the materials shaping our surroundings.

Andra Neamtu | Architecture 6
1: 50 Transversal section
Andra Neamtu | Architecture 5
Crafting Heritage
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Andra Neamtu | Architecture 4
Brief Narrative
Andra Neamtu | Architecture 3
Brief Areas
Andra Neamtu | Architecture 2
Model Pictures
Andra Neamtu | Architecture 1
Interior View of the Gallery
Andra Neamtu | Architecture
external view of the main entrance
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