Angel Dan

BA (Hons) Games Arts


For my FMP, I chose to approach a creature design project as this is an area of 3D art that has always interested me and something I wanted to explore throughout the course. I wanted to approach a number of new areas such as sculpting, hair creation, and building a scene within Unreal Engine. This design was heavily inspired by Folklore and dark fairy-tale themes, taking particular inspiration from creations like Pans Labyrinth and Dark Crystal. I also decided to create a small, swamp-based scene which seemed a suitable environment for the design. I thoroughly enjoyed this project and I’m really happy with the final outcome, I’ve learnt alot.

Angel Dan | Games 6
Folklore-inspired Creature Design Project
Angel Dan | Games 5
Swamp-based Environment turnaround created for Creature's setting
Angel Dan | Games 4
Creature front-left
Angel Dan | Games 3
Creature front-right
Angel Dan | Games 2
Creature close-up
Angel Dan | Games 1
Creature inside swamp-based environment
Angel Dan | Games
Creature inside swamp-based environment
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