Angelina Truksane

BA (Hons) Illustration & Animation - Canterbury


Email: [email protected]

Instagram: angiee.illustrates

Portfolio Website:

Hello! I’m Angelina, a mixed media artist on a journey of exploration and discovery fuelled by passion for culture, food and the mesmerising tapestry of travel experiences.

In my artistic practice, I embrace the chaos of mixed media, exploring the diverse possibilities each medium offers. From the bold strokes of gouache to the intricacies of ink, I am constantly experimenting with mark-making. Allowing the unique qualities of each medium to guide my creative process.

At the heart of my work lies a deep connection to the themes that inspire me. Whether it’s the vibrant hues of a bustling market, the rich textures of exotic cuisine or the evocative landscape of distant lands. Each project is a fresh canvas upon which I explore, interpret and reimagine the world around me.

I created this project as a bridge inviting others to understand the true Islam through my lens. Inspired by my experiences during Ramadan, I’ve crafted a visual narrative that’s delves into the heart of Islam. Every image is born from personal first-hand encounters and analysis. The images are crafted through the use of ink, oil pastels and soft pastels. Combined with a range of experimental marks. Through a blend of analogue and digital processes, I’ve tried to capture the spiritual essence of my experiences in my faith. Along with a visual publication this project includes a poem which you can read through below:

In my humble mosque, not adorned or vast, Yet within these walls, peace at last. Rows of shoes, each with a story to tell, parting in jest, a quick farewell. Entering the room, smiles and hugs unfold. Salaams echo, tales of warmth retold. We chat, drawing close in this sacred space. Awaiting prayer, anticipation we embrace. The adhan begins, a symphony of peace. Melodies paint emotions, colours release. Hearts swell, emotions bloom. A canvas of feelings, in a range of hues. In unity we stand, our rows entwined. Toes touch, a closeness, souls aligned. Abayas sway, scarves dance around. A kaleidoscope of colours, joy unbound. With our face on the ground, feeling the soft blue. Carried on waves, the deep seas hue. More than a mosque, a sanctuary grand. Peace and home, forever in this land.

Angelina Truksane | Illustration
Hearts swell, emotions bloom
Angelina Truksane | Illustration 5
Abayas sway, scarves dance around
Angelina Truksane | Illustration 4
Heart swells, emotions bloom
Angelina Truksane | Illustration 3
Awaiting prayer, anticipation we embrace
Angelina Truksane | Illustration 2
In my humble mosque, not adorned nor vast
Angelina Truksane | Illustration 1
The adhan begins, a symphony of peace
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