Anurima Khurana

MA/MSc Luxury Business Management


“Chasing Authenticity” is a meticulously crafted magazine that delves into the fascinating world of luxury and the ongoing battle against counterfeiting. Created as the final major project for my Master’s degree, this magazine represents the culmination of months of research, creativity, and dedication.

Within its pages, you’ll find a captivating exploration of what it truly means to embody authenticity in the luxury industry. From in-depth articles and interviews with industry experts to stunning visuals and thought-provoking commentary, each issue of “Chasing Authenticity” offers a nuanced perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing the world of luxury.

As the recipient of a distinction for academic excellence, this magazine showcases not only my passion for the subject matter but also my commitment to delivering high-quality, insightful content. Through “Chasing Authenticity,” I aim to educate, inspire, and advocate for the preservation of authenticity in an increasingly counterfeit-driven landscape.

Join me on this journey as we uncover the stories behind the world’s most iconic brands, celebrate the artisans who bring our dreams to life, and champion the pursuit of authenticity in the realm of luxury.


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