Ava Herczeg

BA (Hons) Fashion Design


As a German designer coming from a creative family background, my path into the realm of design has been characterised by the endless support of my parents who from an early age encouraged me to develop a keen eye for contemporary and timeless design.
During my time at university, I delved into both womenswear and menswear, eager to explore the nuances of each discipline. While I found joy in designing for both genders, it was in menswear that I discovered a sense of liberation and boundless creativity. The opportunity to experiment with shapes, textures, and silhouettes in menswear allowed me to push myself to create pieces that are both sophisticated and expressive.
One of the aspects of design that truly resonates with me is the ability to seamlessly blend form and function. I am drawn to designs that not only look visually striking but also serve a practical purpose in the everyday lives of individuals. In my pursuit of excellence, I am constantly seeking inspiration from diverse sources – be it art, popular culture or personal memories, to infuse my designs with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. 

My portfolio outlines the development process and outcome of three projects I have completed, including my graduate collection, aspirational brand collection targeting Craig Green and my entry for the BFC Dazed Beyond Boarders competition. 

My graduate collection aims to create sartorial hideaways inspired by the condition of hikikomori, a phenomenon leading to complete social isolation, causing individuals to retreat into the comfort of their own room and popular media consumption. My collections references the comforting nature of pillows and duvets alongside Allegra Pacheco’s photography series ‘salaryman’, as well as Aya Takano’s paintings for print and colour references. With a contrast of soft, draped silhouettes and almost armour-like sculptural pieces, my collection aims to create garments that enable the wearer to feel comfortable while disconnecting from the social realm. 

For my aspirational brand pitch I chose to look at car safety including airbags and car seats to inspire both silhouettes and trimmings, as well as keeping Craig Greens signature visual profile. 

My submission as a finalist in the BFC Dazed competition outlines my personal experience with bodybuilding as a woman and celebrates body diversity, featuring size-adjustable garments with one fully realised outfit including a completely size-adjustable corset piece, incorporating lace up details ranging from the waist down the entire sleeve, highlighted in a Dazed Digital photoshoot.

Ava Herczeg | Fashion & Textiles 6
Editorial photoshoot of my graduate collection
Ava Herczeg | Fashion & Textiles
My portfolio consists of three projects highlighting my design, illustration, CAD skills.
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Ava Herczeg | Fashion & Textiles 3
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