Breanna Power

BA (Hons) Illustration & Animation - Canterbury


Instagram: @breanna.illustrations

Email: [email protected]

Hi! I’m Breanna and I’m an illustrator who can get inspired by anything as long as my heart is in it! I primarilyillustrate digitally but love to mix my media and practice with a pencil and notepad from time to time, especially sketching those I see as I people-watch. I love experimenting with new ideas and reinventing old ones to see how far an idea can be executed differently. I began making art as a way of expressing my enjoyment for the shows I watched and that has grown into exploring all the forms my art can take. I’m always learning new ways to create and as I grow, so will my art.

Now, when it comes to my art, my most recent piece is, ‘Three Porcelain Sisters’, a personal project that started off as a paper sketch, playing around with shapes and digitised it later on, experimenting with a variety of colour pallets before sticking with a limited 3 colour pallet – not including black. These designs were inspired by the concept of Russian nesting dolls and tried to visually represent each sister’s position in the family as oldest, middle, and youngest sister.

Moving from that, a simpler but just as fun project I took part in was my ‘Flower Pot Bunnies’, a series of prints created this past Easter for the Hullabaloo Easter Hunt. I wanted to take more part in Hullabaloo and when given the opportunity, I happily took part by creating these.

Next up are my Moonling Tarot Card set, inspired by my course project that allowed us to create a myth of our own based on a real place and create something from that – I was reading into the history of tarot cards and owned my own, so I was inspired to have my own attempt on making them. I to XIII are each of the cards that explain the story of the Moonling, and these have to be my favourite project, from the designs with limited colours to the physical creation of the cards.

At Peace is a competition piece made for the 2023 Batsford Prize with their theme of “At Peace”. I thought this would be a great way of building on my digital skills – the theme “At Peace” made me think of comfort and sunsets. I learned a lot over the month it took to make this, for I didn’t have a teacher to critique me or guide me, so I had to start listening to my own judgement and trust in myself that what I was making was what I wanted.

Lastly is my portfolio 2 project, Wolf and Bat, unnamed but a favourite as these pushed my knowledge on shape theory and how it’s like to animate individuals rather than shapes. I wish I had more time to explore these two in animation, but these are the character sheets I made, demonstrating the turnaround I attempted to the first time and the attempt of an expression sheet.


Breanna Power | Illustration 7
[Scales of Imagination created by Breanna Power]
Breanna Power | Illustration
My animation, “My Escape”, tip-toes on this line of reality and fiction as it explores this with the main protagonist wishing to escape a boring day in school, to which she is met with a doodle of hers coming to life. With the help of this magical witch, they get their wish for escape, but not all as it seems as they come face to face with the dark side of any daydream.
Breanna Power | Illustration 1
[Nebular Night Lights created by Breanna Power]
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Breanna Power | Illustration 6
Breanna Power | Illustration 5
Breanna Power | Illustration 4
Breanna Power | Illustration 3
Breanna Power | Illustration 2
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