Brede Laastad

BA (Hons) Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 1)


This is a showcase of selected works from my last two projects at UCA. I hope you enjoy.

Project 06:  «The House of Culture, Vigentino, Milan.

Set in Milan, just south of the upcoming Olympic village, in Vigentino, a residential and commercial area, lies our site for this project. We were asked to design a proposal that responded to the context and that would provide something for the surrounding area. With only a few guidelines we were free to design quite freely. Que, “The House of Culture” a culmination of all the surrounding cultural offers, becoming a meeting ground, a social space and a local beacon of culture. The wide program offers of the building invites to a great variety of activities such as Music School, Dance and performance school, art exhibition, food and drink, external art exhibitions, band studios and much more.

Project 05: (Insert) Creative House, Hackney Wick, London.

For this Project we were asked to design a Live-Work housing unit for a site in Hackney Wick. The site was to house a minimum of 12 units that accommodated a minimum of four people each.

(Insert) Creative House is my take on a creative collective/family Live-Work house, offering a big double height studio, roof terrace and private gardens in the 130-year-old brick wall which has become a creative canvas for graffiti artists.

Brede Laastad | Architecture 6
Brede Bjørlykke Laastad
Brede Laastad | Architecture
Programme Collage; "The House of Culture"
Brede Laastad | Architecture 5
Project 06; "The House of Culture"
Brede Laastad | Architecture 4
Project 06 1:50 Section
Brede Laastad | Architecture 3
Project 06 Aerial View
Brede Laastad | Architecture 2
Project 06 Exhibition Wall
Brede Laastad | Architecture 1
Project 05 Exploded Axonometric
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