Callum Delves

BA (Hons) Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 1)


Name - Callum Delves

Email - [email protected]

Instagram - Designs_by_delves

This contains a brief snippet from my final project which was based in Vigentino, in zone five of Milan. After researching area the project became focused on providing a that accommodates for Co-working, Community and Wellness to help tackle issues of loneliness and the pressures that come within a rapidly developing area. The spaces were designed to be bright fun and inviting whilst also performing the functions practically and efficiently.

Callum Delves | Architecture 1
These sections show off the variety of spaces throughout my building
Callum Delves | Architecture 5
This is the view from the main entrance court of my building
Callum Delves | Architecture 4
This view within the atrium shows off the playful stairs between different spaces
Callum Delves | Architecture 3
A view from the planted balcony providing greenery and shading simultaneously
Callum Delves | Architecture 2
This final view shows of one of the co-working spaces in action
Callum Delves | Architecture
These are showing off the balconies and the building within its context
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