Cecilia Dibenedetto

BA (Hons) Fashion Photography


Instagram: @cecilia_dibenedetto

Website: http://www.ceciliadibendetto.com

E-mail: [email protected]

Escape Reality is a personal project created to revisit a childhood memory. I have been reflecting on these memories and have decided to express their beauty.

We are gradually losing touch with our origins in today’s society based on work and capitalism. Escape Reality delves into political and social information, focusing on the enduring impact of Fascism in Italy, particularly in the South. The project emphasizes the protective nature of men towards women within the family unit, a phenomenon still observed today in society. It aims to underscore the significance of having someone to protect while prioritizing the freedom of self-expression and women’s rights. Pier Paolo Pasolini believed that families are the source of some of humanity’s most beautiful aspects, and preserving these relationships is crucial despite the pressures of modern society. Our traditions and values should persist daily, and family plays an important role. The project celebrates inclusivity and is a testament to the significance of being surrounded by loved ones we consider a part of our household.

Models: Lorenzo Chierico, Paola Chierico, Vincenzo Chierico

Collaboration Brands:
• Le Colonel (@lecolonel_o8icial)
• All about Audrey (@shopallaboutaudrey)

Styling assistant: Angela Squicciarini

Cecilia Dibenedetto | Photography 5
Cecilia Dibenedetto | Photography 4
Cecilia Dibenedetto | Photography 3
Cecilia Dibenedetto | Photography 2
Cecilia Dibenedetto | Photography 1
Cecilia Dibenedetto | Photography
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