Chandrama Paul

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Daniell’s Calcutta is a graphic novel based on the Colonisation of Kolkata, the cultural derivation of the city from the Colonial power.

The Book refers to the Architectural influences, and how the natives of Kolkata adapted the European design style. which later became the identity of the city.

The story opens in the present Kolkata, where an antique painting of Thomas Daniell, one of the main documenters during the British Colonial era, is seen in a mansion.

The story unfolds telling the stories and various cultural influences of the colonial culture, which were imbibed into the natives so deep that those traditions have now become the identity of the city of Kolkata.

The main pillars of the novel, Feluda(Pradash Mitra), Topshe(Tapesh Ranjan Mitra) and Jatayu(Lal Mohan Ganguly), are the renowned characters illustrated by the eminent Satyajit Ray. This is a tribute from an all-time fan, of the brilliant artist and filmmaker, whose works have always played an important role in Indian cinema.

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Daniell's Calcutta, A graphic Novel
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Chandrama Paul | Illustration
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