Chang Siqi

Visual Communication Design


The project sets out from the perspective of the future 25 years from now, proposing the novel idea of using humans as a source for biological energy extraction. The choice of this theme arises from research indicating current bottlenecks in energy development, as well as ethical concerns arising from human overreach in animal modification studies. By connecting and integrating these two aspects, I created a brand in the future that uses humans as a source of bio-energy.

Through visual representation and design output across various media, including brand establishment, futuristic and functional 3D products, one-stop app services, and user guide manuals, simulate the authenticity of the brand, with the aim of inspiring reflection among contemporary humans.Not only are people facing the exploitation of their labor value,but when their bio-energy is transformed into energy, they may once again become objects of trade.

Chang Siqi | ICI China 7
HOMOWATT-Promotional Poster
Chang Siqi | ICI China
HOMOWATT Promotion Video
Chang Siqi | ICI China 6
HOMOWATT Design Collection
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Chang Siqi | ICI China 5
Outdoor Promotion
Chang Siqi | ICI China 4
Poster Showcase
Chang Siqi | ICI China 3
3D Product
Chang Siqi | ICI China 2
Chang Siqi | ICI China 1
User Guide
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