Chloe Austin-Hawkins

BSc (Hons) Games Technology


Hi, I’m Chloe! I’m a Technical Designer, and here are four of my best game projects from July 2022 to now!

My Projects:

Critter Cafe:

Critter Café is an educational café simulator game! Cook 15+ different types of meals and make smoothies for a wide range of wild customers!

Downloadable for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android

Critter Cafe Page

Critter Cafe Gameplay Video

Critter Cafe Portfolio Page


In the ruins of an old cruise ship, you must find your way to the surface! Solve puzzles and escape before your oxygen timer runs out!

Downloadable for Windows

Thalassa Page

Thalassa Gameplay Video

Thalassa Portfolio Page

Vixen Valley:

You are a fox. Restore order and recollect your tails to shape the world around you, stance switch and manipulate elements to build an idyllic world. Vixen Valley is a 3D Isometric Puzzle Platformer, solve the puzzles by using the correct elements and configure the world around you.

Downloadable for Windows

Vixen Valley Page

Vixen Valley Gameplay Video

Vixen Valley Portfolio Page

Hedgehog Home Demo:

Hedgehog Home is a educational virtual pet game, about looking after a European Hedgehog!

Playable in Most Browsers

Hedgehog Home Demo Page

Hedgehog Home Demo Gameplay Video

Hedgehog Home Portfolio Page

Hedgehog Home Feedback

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Critter Cafe - Kitchen
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Vixen Valley - Tutorial Level
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Thalassa - Puzzle Completed
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Hedgehog Home Demo - Night Time
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