Chrissy Swain

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Canterbury


Instagram: greyfriarsduck.sculptures


Email: [email protected]

My exhibited artwork reflects an interest in both experimental music and ceramics, combining these media in a single work. A layout was chosen to mirror the formation of distant spiral galaxies, placing the life we share on earth in a broader context. The sound aspect was the product of bringing people together to make improvised atmospheric music. The aim was to evoke a deep spiritual connection between humanity and the earth. The work is about community and the freedom to express our unique identities. It is also my ambition to promote good mental health, create enjoyable experiences, and to appreciate beautiful natural environments. My interest in ceramics reflects the sense in which clay represents earthiness and the fact that working with my hands is both immediately rewarding and therapeutic. The work comprises over 200 clay objects made using stoneware clay, coiling or slab building techniques and brush on glazes. Their design is similar to that of ancient Chinese xun instruments.

I have been inspired by artists who have created interactive artworks like Serana Korda, who created the “Jug Choir” using large ceramic vessels, and Olafur Eliasson’s large interactive sculptures. These works bring people together to create temporary communities in gallery settings, where for me, without people the artwork would be frivolous and idle.

I have created ceramic art that is tactile and not particularly ornamental. My artwork sets out to break the taboos of not handling artwork in fear of it being broken. I love artwork you can touch and engage with and that is how I would like my artwork to be enjoyed.

Chrissy Swain | Fine Art 6
Xun Flutes
Chrissy Swain | Fine Art 5
Xuns #2
Chrissy Swain | Fine Art 4
Xuns #3
Chrissy Swain | Fine Art 3
Xuns #4
Chrissy Swain | Fine Art 2
Xuns #5
Chrissy Swain | Fine Art 1
Xuns #6
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