Daisy Day

BA (Hons) Fashion Atelier


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Instagram: @daisydaydaisyday

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A form of human storytelling, Daisy Day’s BA Graduate Collection “Knotted” explores the haunting outcomes of Child Marriage. She is sustained by the desire for a space to return within ‘fashion’ that culminates social progress, critical thought and communication, for all to engage with. Through forced passivity, the collection embodies an unsettling paradox of life and death. Depictions addressed through distorted silhouettes and textiles, inspired by uniform and aggression. An avid collector of research, Daisy designed a collection based upon the unpredictability of collage work. Using a years worth of collected photographs, fabric swatches and factual research, the collection of garments in “Knotted” hold an odd, fresh archaism, which emphasises ‘bride’ as a noun, rather than a verb.

Daisy Day | Fashion & Textiles 5
"KNOTTED" Daisy Day
Daisy Day | Fashion & Textiles 6
DAISY DAY Portfolio 23/24- Fashion Atelier BA Hons
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Daisy Day | Fashion & Textiles 4
"KNOTTED" Daisy Day Graduate Collection 2024
Daisy Day | Fashion & Textiles 3
"KNOTTED" Motif & Textile Details
Daisy Day | Fashion & Textiles 2
"KNOTTED" Theme Boards- Design Development
Daisy Day | Fashion & Textiles 1
"KNOTTED" 'Monsters' - Look 4 Shoot
Daisy Day | Fashion & Textiles
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