Daniyah Munir

BA (Hons) Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 1)


Welcome to a look into my Final Major Project, the product of three years of dedicated study and effort. This project embodies my passion for community initiatives and storytelling.

The cultural center in Milan is designed as a sanctuary for immigrants’ stories and experiences. It hosts workshops that celebrate and preserve traditional practices, honoring diverse cultural heritages while equipping participants with valuable skills to enhance their futures.

More than just a building, the cultural center stands as a monument to the journeys of immigrants, instilling pride and serving as a rich educational resource for future generations. Explore this project to see how it brings together community, culture, and opportunity in a harmonious and inspiring space.

Daniyah Munir | Architecture 3
Daniyah Munir | Architecture 6
Structural Axo-metric
Daniyah Munir | Architecture 5
Exterior View
Daniyah Munir | Architecture 4
Bay Study 1:20
Daniyah Munir | Architecture 1
Wall Layout
Daniyah Munir | Architecture
Aerial View
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