Donna Jameson

BA (Hons) Ceramics & Glass


My work explores the relationship between clean defined lines and organic flow. With influences are taken from the world around us, new variations are collected from both simple and involved ideas.

Ever since discovering my fascination for Ceramics and the infinite possibilities of clay, my life has changed. What starts out as outlines and thought. Research and design ideas, soon become a challenge, turning experimentation, into possibilities.

As experimentation become fragments of reality, the viewer is left with exciting developing forms, with tactility of structure and understanding

Donna Jameson | Crafts 5
Blue Vessel from my Flow & Line collection
Donna Jameson | Crafts 4
Terracotta 2, part of the Flow Collection
Donna Jameson | Crafts 3
Stoneware & Glass, part of the Flow Collection
Donna Jameson | Crafts 2
Unglazed Flow Vessel
Donna Jameson | Crafts 1
Flow and Line Terracotta
Donna Jameson | Crafts
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