Elanah Heckley

BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Canterbury


Instagram: Lana_eve_creates

As a multi-skilled graphic designer who has a passion for the transformative power of colour, filmography and the technique of colour manipulation and grading, my expertise spans a broad spectrum with a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for the intricate art of colour, especially with motion media.

I am thrilled to present my project called ‘Through the Chromatic Lens’, a book publication that delves through time and celebrates the visionaries who use colour within cinema to enhance storytelling, create a particular atmosphere, and evoke emotions in the audience. As I examine the science of colour theory and spectrum as well as the significance of colour in 21 meticulously selected films, this publication was designed with a cultivating eye illustrated with high-quality imagery and posters where the visual elements are not only chosen for the aesthetic appeal but for its ability to convey the complex interplays of colour within a cinematic context.

As we journey through the pages of this publication and uncover the threads of artistic visions that have ultimately shaped the cinematic landscape. Shaping the evolution of storytelling from its monochromatic origins to the vibrant psychedelic palettes of the motion images we see today.

Elanah Heckley | Graphic Design 11
Through the Chromatic Lens: A Journey into the Science and Art of Colour in Film
Elanah Heckley | Graphic Design 10
Digital Flip-Through of the Final Book
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Elanah Heckley | Graphic Design 9
Promotion Poster
Elanah Heckley | Graphic Design 8
Location Photoshoot
Elanah Heckley | Graphic Design 7
Promotional Posters
Elanah Heckley | Graphic Design 6
Final Book Mockup
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