Faridah Usman Buhari

Master of Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 2)


Email: [email protected]

Art Instagram account: artstetique

Situated in Dover, UK, this project focuses on designing an apartment scheme that accommodates diverse family and occupant groups, going beyond the traditional nuclear family. The increasing trend of multigenerational living in the Western world has created a demand for housing options that can adapt to the lifestyle of larger family groups or multiple occupancies. By incorporating adaptable furniture, wind tunnel lightwells, and timber frame curtain walling, this project seeks to create serendipitous opportunities for people of all ages, while being highly responsive to local natural and community focal points. Drawing inspiration from Coderch’s Casa de la Marina apartment in Barcelona, Spain and effective features found in current multigenerational housing, such as separate amenity spaces, entrances, and kitchens, the plan creates a welcoming shared living environment for residents and fosters a strong, adaptable connection between the inhabitants and their living areas.

Faridah Usman Buhari | Architecture 5
Main Site Axonometric
Faridah Usman Buhari | Architecture 4
Exploded Axonometric of The Multigenerational Plan
Faridah Usman Buhari | Architecture 3
Landscaping Scheme Diagram
Faridah Usman Buhari | Architecture 2
Active Corridor Diagram and Collage
Faridah Usman Buhari | Architecture 1
'The Participating Wall' Possible Configurations in Apartment A
Faridah Usman Buhari | Architecture
Exterior View from Castle Street
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