Fernanda Calvo Gomez

BA (Hons) Games Arts


Hi! I’m Fernanda, an international student who came to the UK to study Games Arts. My project Arcane Trigger is a roadmap-style fighting game where the player must fight their way through rounds of enemies to reach and defeat the main antagonist: the Necromancer. It takes place in the Wild West and utilizes the ‘weird West’ trope which integrates supernatural elements into the setting. I created three playable character designs, the design for the main villain, and a fighting stage for this project. I had not worked on Western-themed characters before but I enjoyed researching and thinking about the ways in which their abilities/ weapons could manifest in unique ways. 


I integrated underrepresented ethnic groups found in the Southern United States into the project because visibility is an important topic to me. I did this through subtle ways such as through clothing and their names, but it was something I kept in mind during the design process.


I created my own design pipeline to make the process faster, where I would make several iterations, take notes on the elements I liked, create a final design, and photobash it. The photobashing then helped me render the character out to my liking. I enjoyed the process of this project and I can’t wait to keep adding to it in the future and expand the world of Arcane Trigger.

Fernanda Calvo Gomez | Games 2
Gunslinger Cowboy- Clara Everglade
Fernanda Calvo Gomez | Games 1
Arcane Trigger Showreel
Fernanda Calvo Gomez | Games
Art Book Cover
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Fernanda Calvo Gomez | Games 6
Summoner Cowboy- Mariano Tsosie Montano
Fernanda Calvo Gomez | Games 5
Rodeo Cowboy- Sasha Taura
Fernanda Calvo Gomez | Games 4
Rafael Ayala Miquiztli
Fernanda Calvo Gomez | Games 3
Town Fighting Stage- Bluerock County
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