Freya Whitelaw

BA (Hons) Illustration - Farnham


‘I Am Here’ is a project about the tangible world. In this technological age, it is easy to lose sight of what is really in front of you, and to feel lost and overwhelmed in a sea of constant information. ‘I Am Here’ explores the small moments in life where we get to connect to our surroundings, using terracotta and porcelain talismans to pay homage to these moments. With a groundwork of research into found objects, archaeology and historical amulets, this project also saw me bury some of my talismans in different places around Farnham, so that in doing so, I could immortalise the moments in time that they represent, and return them to the world that made them. This is an interactive project – the viewer is encouraged to pick up and hold the pieces in your hands, run your fingers along the lines, form a connection with them, and think about what small passing moments in life bring you joy and comfort, in reminding you that you are here.

Freya Whitelaw | Illustration 2
Collection of works featured in 'I Am Here'
Freya Whitelaw | Illustration 4
The making of the porcelain badges
Freya Whitelaw | Illustration 3
The making of the sgraffito badges
Freya Whitelaw | Illustration 1
The badge burial
Freya Whitelaw | Illustration
The badge burial
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