Gaia Ani

BA (Hons) Illustration & Animation - Canterbury


Instagram: Benii.ipo

Hi, I’m Gaia! I’m an aspiring concept artist with a background in English literature. I love the idea of intertwining stories and art and am set on the idea of becoming a double threat! (being a writer and artist simultaneously).

I’m inspired by comic books and superheroes, mostly DC media that I grew up around. I wanted to inject a bit of myself into the things that I loved by including diversity into the superhero genre. My ideas mostly include the downtime, examining conflict and interpersonal relationships in visual narratives by placing superheroes in a domestic setting.

Thanks for reading!

Gaia Ani | Illustration 4
FMP Comic
Gaia Ani | Illustration 3
FMP Comic
Gaia Ani | Illustration 2
FMP Comic
Gaia Ani | Illustration 1
Villain Gets The Munchies
Gaia Ani | Illustration
Watch Out For Falling Apples
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