Harshitaa Adhalakha

BA (Hons) Creative Industries Management in Fashion


“Artisana” – a luxury fashion brand celebrating Indian artistry and empowering local artisans through a unique retail concept.

The project involves extensive market research, consumer analysis, competitive landscape study, and the development of a differentiated business model centered around a rotating pop-up retail experience. Artisana aims to curate contemporary designs infused with traditional Indian crafts like kantha embroidery, natural dyeing, and patchwork, while prioritizing ethical and sustainable practices.

Key elements of the project include:

  1. Market overview and analysis of the Indian handicrafts sector, consumer trends, and the rise of conscious consumerism.
  2. Primary quantitative research through surveys conducted at London craft fairs to gauge consumer interest and preferences.
  3. Identification of gaps in the market and competitive advantages for Artisana’s concept.
  4. Development of the brand identity, product assortment, pricing strategy, and immersive retail experience.
  5. Exploration of revenue streams, partnerships, operations, and supply chain management.
  6. Financial considerations, including funding sources, revenue projections, and cost structure.
  7. Incorporation of sustainable and ethical practices throughout the sourcing, production, and retail processes.

Overall, the project showcases a well-researched and comprehensive business plan for a purpose-driven luxury fashion brand that aims to bridge cultures, preserve heritage crafts, and inspire mindful living through a differentiated retail model.

Harshitaa Adhalakha | Business & Management
Harshitaa Adhalakha | Business & Management 1
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