Hoi Ching Yuen

BSc (Hons) Industrial Design


Project Overview:
My project focuses on stray dog shelters, combining traditional dog houses with dog traps to provide a shelter that offers food and protection from the rain for stray dogs.

Original Intention:
The initial idea was to provide temporary shelter and food for stray dogs.

Design Features:
The shelters are made from recyclable plastic, offering waterproofing, lightweight construction, affordability, easy molding, and simple cleaning. They are 100% recyclable and come in a variety of colors. These features make it easy for workers to relocate, clean, and reshape the shelters.

Solution Approach:
We trap stray dogs seeking food or shelter in these houses, making it easier for animal welfare workers to capture or “recover” them. The captured dogs undergo physical examination, sterilization, and are then released back into their habitats. This approach aims to gradually address the issue of stray dog overpopulation.

Through this project, we aim to provide temporary shelters for stray dogs in the community and offer a feasible solution to address the stray dog problem.

Hoi Ching Yuen | Product Design
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