Hu Mengyuan

Environmental Design


Events related to Kinmen Island have always been a highly topical issue. Since ancient times, the connection between Xiamen and Kinmen has been very close, the relationship between the two places is intimate but unfamiliar, separated by the sea. It is this restrained emotion that I would like to bring the emotional connection between Xiamen and Kinmen closer through the intervention of landscape. So I started from people’s five senses, expressing through touch, smell, sight and sound. To give people a sense of this history, in the same way that the previous radio war used loud speakers to shout across the river through the medium of sound.

Hu Mengyuan | ICI China 7
Hu Mengyuan | ICI China 1
The rendering of the auditory building, with two disconnected circles on either side of the sea, was designed so that people would fill the oyster boxes with sand, which, from an overhead perspective, would be the same colour as the seats, meaning that the circle would have to be filled.
Hu Mengyuan | ICI China 6
Hu Mengyuan | ICI China 3
Design ideas, as well as the design area of the details of the large drawing.
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