Iera Hady

BA (Hons) Studio Practice (Fashion Design)


Instagram : @ierahady @by.ierahady

LinkedIn : iera hady

Email : [email protected]

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Elegy of Entropy explores the haunting beauty and transformative power of nature, inspired by the Cordyceps fungus. This collection merges eerie and elegant elements to depict themes of decay and rebirth.

Key design features include scrunched, heat-distressed tulle and intricate beadwork, creating textures that mimic natural decay while adding refined elegance. The deep, earthy color palette enhances the collection’s atmospheric depth.

Complementing the collection is a short fashion film where models move with the eerie grace of Cordyceps-infected forms, blending the grotesque with sophistication in a mesmerizing dance. This visual narrative embodies the delicate balance between life, decay, and rebirth.

Elegy of Entropy challenges conventional fashion notions, demonstrating that modesty can be both fashionable and thought-provoking. This project reflects my commitment to creating visually striking, conceptually rich, and deeply resonant garments.

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