Ivaylo Asenov

BA (Hons) Games Arts


Ellio – The Lost Descendant is an art bible for game concept project.

Ellio is the main character, the lost descendant of the Magical Oasis.
As he grows up, he finds a special power in his golden sun amulet and he learns how to control it, the only item he has from his family, the Amulet of Life. The power of the amulet purifies any material and brings life.

His main goal in his adventure is to reach the corrupted capital city,
where the Witch of the Dark Sand Renae resides.

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Ivaylo Asenov | Games 5
Ellio - The Lost Descendant
Ivaylo Asenov | Games 4
Ellio Splash Art
Ivaylo Asenov | Games 3
Ellio Concept Sheet
Ivaylo Asenov | Games 2
Olerios Splash Art
Ivaylo Asenov | Games 1
Ellio Face Expressions
Ivaylo Asenov | Games
Renae Splash Art

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