James McNally

BA (Hons) Fashion Photography


email: [email protected]

instagram: James_mcnally_photography

website: https://jmcnally014.wixsite.com/my-site-1

Project Title:       Beauty is a reflection of personality

Description: Beauty is a reflection of personality is a project that highlights that beauty can’t be defined down to one ideal look but rather it’s down to a person’s individual personality. This is what defines their true beauty. The project showcases six different models with individual styles and personalities and suggest that even though they are different, their personalities are together as one with true beauty. The project has used two makeup brands as inspiration; Morphe & NARS, to show how makeup brands are defined down to how someone uses makeup to showcase their personality. The Morphe inspired images use eyeshadow to represent certain traits that describe this person, whereas the NARS inspired images and film focuses on the individual styles the models wear when using three different shades of lipstick and how each individual has different outtakes on what to they will pair each shade with. The project is created to ultimately break the traditional beauty standards and how people feel like they have to look a certain way to be considered beautiful, and vows to explain that your personality is what ultimately gives you your beauty.

Created by: James Mcnally

Collaborations (by Instagram accounts):

  • Makeup and hair: millie_makeup4
  • Styling: 1.2.3.picture.alice
  • Assisted: 1.2.3.picture.alice, rhimon_photography, elizabethwolfedesign
  • Models:
  • Image 1 – II_marz_peach_II
  • Image 2 – dekaaleksandra
  • Image 3 – seeingreb
  • Image 4 – joseeeeeepi
James Mcnally | Photography
James Mcnally | Photography 1
James Mcnally | Photography 2
James Mcnally | Photography 3
James Mcnally | Photography 4
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