Jeongah Ma

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Farnham


I believe people spend their lives in regular, repetitive routines, such as working, eating, sleeping, and so on. If dividing their time into three major categories, one is learning, another is working to earn a living, and the rest is sleeping, eating, and leisure activities. Some people have felt that three-quarters of their lives are repetitive and regular. I felt the same way and questioned whether this was the life I wanted. Of course, there are new and exciting activities in these repetitive routines. However, I wanted to spend my time remembering and investing in the regularities of my life, such as school and work, not as boredom but as something valuable to my life. This led me to research to find the value of this essence.

Unintentionally, I saw a scene in a Korean market where people were making food and working repetitively. I thought it was perfect for my research topic. Amid their repetitive lives, they were energetic and passionate, not bored or depressed, and their passion seemed to have a positive effect on their customers. I hope this video can convey the warmth and enthusiasm I felt in that space to the audience, and the viewer will find their value in their repetitive routines.
I hope my video brings warmth to your daily life, just as her passion for working in the market has positively impacted mine. Even if your life is repetitive and routine, your time and effort are worth more than anything else, and I hope her interview questions will inspire you to ask yourself questions and find your motivation and passion in life.
JEONGAH MA | Fine Art 2
Value of Life
JEONGAH MA | Fine Art 1
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