Julia Hart

BA (Hons) Illustration & Animation - Canterbury


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My book illustrates some of the little talked about mental health aspects of the Menopause. I interviewed one woman who has suffered greatly through her Menopause, my book illustrates some of the disorienting feelings she has had to battle through every day.

If you ask Google how many Menopause symptoms are, there the search results vary from 12 to 54, the NHS states there are just 13, in reality there are hundreds, each women’s Menopause journey is unique, and not all experiences are negative.

I hope my illustration give you a little insight into how it feels to go through some of these symptoms.  I have used exaggerated angles and mark making to explore the feelings that can be felt by women going through the Menopause.

Earlier this year we were given the opportunity to work with CAMHS, helping them to distribute information to young people and their parents.

I took a bit of inspiration from the CAMHS project and looked at the Menopause, and how it will affect all women but it has only been talked about in the public forum for the last few years.  Menopause is a stage of life, and still to this day is referred to as having a few ‘bothersome’ symptoms.  This life event, for most women, will mean a change in life style or at very least a change in how they feel. The statistics for women experiencing symptoms of the Menopause are grossly underestimated. Through friendship groups, support groups and books women can get help, and we can make the Menopause not such a lonely experience.

Julia Hart | Illustration 3
The Disorientation Association
Julia Hart | Illustration 2
Itchy Skin
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Julia Hart | Illustration
Weight Gain
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