Laetitia Allen

BA (Hons) Jewellery & Silversmithing


This showcase  has pieces that follows the short story/poem I wrote and presented in the PDF.

I am a mixed media artist exploring where whimsy and imagination merge within the chaotic grunginess of the natural world. Since the most captivating beauty lies in the concealed, overlooked aspects of our surroundings, I am drawn to the ethereal, such as dew-speckled spiderwebs—often a symbol of neglect to the casual observer, yet to me, they represent not only a delicate yet intricate organic structure but also an essential practical tool for the spider’s survival.

In my practice, I aim for playful creations of themes that combine the whimsical, grungy, and surreal which presents a contrasting relationship between the fantastical imagination and the unpredictability and decay of the natural world.

My creations, born from a fascination with the hidden wonders around us, challenge the viewer to see beyond the surface—to find beauty in the abandoned and the mundane. I use techniques like lost wax casting and repoussé, that are also steeped in tradition and a history, that allow me to develop my imaginative concepts into a physical practical reality.

Through my art, I invite you into a world where the ordinary is reimagined, urging you to reconsider what you perceive as beautiful or grotesque, and if there even is a difference.

Laetitia Allen | Crafts 3
Pirate Pond - (carved wood, hand engraved and polished zinc, Silver)
Laetitia Allen | Crafts 4
The stories my bees tell today (hand engraved and mirror polished zinc plate)
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Laetitia Allen | Crafts 6
The multidimensional Pond through time and space : Reflections on reflections - (carved wood, hand engraved and polished zinc)
Laetitia Allen | Crafts 5
Moth locket casket open for bee's eternal rest - (enamel on chassed copper)
Laetitia Allen | Crafts 2
Mewdusa - (carved wood, hand engraved and polished zinc)
Laetitia Allen | Crafts 1
Frog warrior of Lily Pond - (chassed and patternated copper, carved wood, glass)
Laetitia Allen | Crafts
Fluttering moth locket - memories eaten, memories woven with silk in imortalisation (enamel on chased copper)
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