Maddie Smith

BA (Hons) Hand Embroidery


[email protected]

Instagram: @maddiesmithembroidery

‘Trance’ is a collection of club wear, inspired by Maddie’s love of music, dance, raves, and the culture surrounding it. She explores lighting, visual effects, music and dance through hand embroidery, using traditional techniques such as Tambour and Crewelwork. Maddie aims to combine traditional embroidery with a contemporary subject. The collection comprises a sleeveless jacket, embellished boots, a bustier, and a skirt.

Maddie Smith | Fashion & Textiles 4
Maddie Smith | Fashion & Textiles 3
Faux leather sleeveless jacket with laser motif, created using Crewelwork, specifically Stem Stitch.
Maddie Smith | Fashion & Textiles 2
Front of faux leather sleeveless jacket.
Maddie Smith | Fashion & Textiles 1
Bustier entirely covered in a variety of beads and sequins, embroidered using Vermicelli, a Tambour embroidery technique.
Maddie Smith | Fashion & Textiles
A pair of boots featuring appliquéd abstract shapes embellished with a selection of beads and sequins. Embroidered using Vermicelli, a Tambour embroidery technique.
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