Madi De Laszlo

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Canterbury


Madi de Laszlo

[email protected]


Most of my practise and studio work has been evolved around fluidity and  agile movements. The main focus recently has been birds and how symbolic they can be in different cultures. As a woman and an artist, I have noticed how women are also compared to birds, whether its features, movement or elegance. My main medium for my practise has been cyanotypes and printing, I also enjoy adding colour detail with coloured paint or watercolour. I chose cyanotypes as they use the sun or UV light, Herons and Cranes represent light in Eastern Asian cultures however, in more Japanese cultures they represent hope and  honour. This is why I thought cyanotypes were an appropriate medium.

Madi De Laszlo | Fine Art 1
Honour and Fragility In Herons
Madi De Laszlo | Fine Art
Left side
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