Maria Grech

BA (Hons) Animation


Instagram: @maria_draws_things

Project Title- Elbows Off!
“Elbows off!” is a stop-motion short film that explores the tension that can build around a family dinner table. The film is a gory comedy that aims to put a comedic spin on the desire to be seen as the perfect family, while also exposing what happens behind closed doors. Since my film’s narrative was inspired by my experiences in my childhood home, I designed and built the set to loosely resemble my family dining room. This made the project much more personal and more enjoyable to work on.

Maria Grech | Animation 5
Elbows off! - cover art
Maria Grech | Animation 4
Elbows Off!- still
Maria Grech | Animation 3
Elbows Off!- still 2
Maria Grech | Animation 2
Elbows Off!- still 3
Maria Grech | Animation 1
Elbows Off!- still 4
Maria Grech | Animation
Elbows Off!- still 5
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