Mariah Blake

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Canterbury


EMAIL : [email protected]


Recycling and fabricating my own materials – their energy transmigrates..

resurrecting them into something new… Whilst sustaining a bodily nature

with a crumpled, ethereal, tender texture; they become subject to my work

preserving their tissue-like sensibility.


Fragmented, metamorphic materials rearrange and bloom to form

representations reflected through a visual language. Their energy –

moving.. sweating.. bleeding.. photosynthesising through my work,

opening up opportunities for it to become kinetic.


The potential for movement is generated externally through a process of

respiration. Inhaling.. exhaling – the imitation of oxygen exchange in our

lungs uncover an everlasting possibility for movement, emphasising the

‘now’ through a demonstration of animated and choreographed behaviour.

Following a constructed rhythm I develop and recreate new forms of

movement – my sculptures become mutated.. transfigured. Introduction of

these further themes of dismemberment, mutilation and lacerated skin

further inform drawings depicting their altered and changeable DNA.


This perhaps grotesque and abject imagery of disembodied limbs and skin-

like substance is displayed aesthetically using an earth bound

methodology. Archives of material are exhibited using different

organisational methods through the guidance of linear self-created

formations from my own intuition.

Mariah Blake | Fine Art 11
Mariah Blake | Fine Art 10
Mariah Blake | Fine Art 9
Mariah Blake | Fine Art 8
Mariah Blake | Fine Art 7
Mariah Blake | Fine Art 6
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