Matt Ogden

BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Farnham


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How can design be used to emotionally affect and alter a football fan’s experiences?

My project explores how design can be implemented in a range of different ways to improve a football fan’s matchday experience, targeting three key demographics – disability/mobility issues, hardcore fans and the younger generation.

I presented my findings by creating a virtual 3d model based off a real life case study, Reading Football Club. This model was curated and specifically designed based off my research and findings from scratch.

Adding onto this, once the initial model was created, I set about creating a brand for the area that would further develop my project. I created bespoke logos, patterns, colour palettes and more to overall create a completely unique experience.

To tie this all together, my final outcome was to create a brochue to present the key messages and information whilst presenting the brand in a professional manner. This consisted of a physical 8 page brochure with unique cut and folds.

Matt Ogden | Graphic Design 6
Brochure Front Cover
Matt Ogden | Graphic Design
A glimpse into the process I went through to create my brochure.
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Matt Ogden | Graphic Design 5
Matt Ogden | Graphic Design 4
Matt Ogden | Graphic Design 3
Matt Ogden | Graphic Design 2
An example of some of the ways I created unique branding for my model.
Matt Ogden | Graphic Design 1
The work I did to create unique wayfinding for my area.
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