Mohamed Ramadan

BSc (Hons) Industrial Design



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Andersen EV Competition

Ageing Beauty

Mohamed Ramadan

“This design is manufactured from materials that age gracefully, embracing the concept that beauty evolves over time and that the maturation of the material adds character and tells a story.

“It was heavily influenced by the ethos of Ernst Haeckel, whose illustrations celebrate the intricate and often overlooked details of the natural world.

“Just as Haeckel found beauty in the complexity and order of biological forms, this design aims to capture the subtle yet profound transformation that materials undergo with age.

“The intersection of Haeckel’s artistic vision with the natural patina of ageing materials was a deep source of inspiration for this piece, guiding the creation of a design that honours nature’s transient yet timeless aspects.”

Stretched Beach Cruisers 

Mohamed Ramadan

For my major final project, I chose to design a beach cruiser with a unique twist. Growing up, I’ve always been fascinated by the construction of objects therefore I developed a desire to create things of my own. One particular childhood dream was owning a beach cruiser, not just for its ‘’je ne sais qoui’’ vibe but also for the sensation of riding a motorcycle without an engine. However, the exorbitant cost of a traditional beach cruiser, coupled with the  rough roads in Egypt, made it very impractical. Determined to fulfill this dream in a practical manner, I embarked on designing a beach cruiser that not only captivates the timeless charm of the classic model but also has the robust suspension systems capable of traversing Egypt’s uneven terrain. By combining affordability with durability, my project aims to make the joy of beach cruiser riding accessible to a broader audience while addressing the practical challenges of real-world road conditions.

Mohamed Ramadan | Architecture
My design was selected as one of the five runners-up in the Andersen EV Competition. I had a month to sculpt, build, and finalize my concept before it was displayed at the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour for London Design Week.
Mohamed Ramadan | Architecture 5
Mohamed Ramadan | Architecture 4
Mohamed Ramadan | Architecture 3
Mohamed Ramadan | Architecture 2
Mohamed Ramadan | Architecture 1
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