Peilin Jin

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Would you like to read a mountain?
In my hometown, Daye, there is a thousand-yearold copper mining mountain, Tonglushan. It is little known that it was the excavation of its ancient ruins that proved conclusively that China was the birthplace of the world’s bronze civilization.Therefore, in order to make its name remembered by more people, I made a big mountain into a set of big books, assembling invisible history into visible thickness. Future, modern, last century, ancient, I divided the four periods of the Tonglushan with rock formations, which are glittering with “copperlight” in their respective times, and together they are a whole civilization of the Tonglushan.

Peilin Jin | Graphic Design 5
Peilin Jin | Graphic Design 4
Copperlight Book Set 1
Peilin Jin | Graphic Design 3
Copperlight Book Set 2
Peilin Jin | Graphic Design 2
Copperlight Zigzag Folding
Peilin Jin | Graphic Design 1
Copperlight Postcards
Peilin Jin | Graphic Design
Copperlight Sculpture Mines
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